Fried Okra
Katie Farm’s Fried Okra



canola oil to cover the bottom of a frying pan


pepper and salt ?to taste

Wash okra. Cut off the top and discard. Cut the rest of the okra crosswise to get round pieces like small coins. Discard any overly hard pieces. Set aside in a bowl of water while you add the oil to a pan. Pour the cornmeal, salt and pepper in a plastic bag, and shake to mix. Add several pieces of okra to the bag and shake to coat with the cornmeal mixture. Heat up the oil until it spits back at you when you flick a spat of water into the pan. Add the coated pieces to the pan and fry on both sides to the desired brownness. Cook over medium heat. Turn over each piece frequently until the okra is done. Serve warm. Enjoy!!!
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