Scottish Highland Catte
     Established in 2007, Katie Farms is very much a new farm in the making according to owners and operators Jon Fleenor and Margaret Purcell. The farm is located just west of Northport, Alabama in Coker along the Warrior River basin and has some of the richest soil on which you can farm.
      It started out just to be a home garden and has grown from there. Our main goal is to stay small and produce the very best crops that we can. Among the in-season heirloom offering at the farm are purple sweet potatoes, tomatoes, okra, onions, garlic, purple new potatoes, corn, peppers, and summer squash. Among the other offerings at the farm are free range farm fresh eggs.

In 2008, we planted around 50 blueberry bushes and 65 muscadine and blackberry vines. In November 2009, the farm started raising registered Scottish Highland cattle, the oldest registered breed of cattle, with a herd book published in 1885. We are members of American Highland Cattle Association and the Heartland Highland Association. Our goal is to become a quality, not quantity cow calf producer starting in 2012.

Although we have come a long way in such a short time, it could not have been

achieved without the help of our local Tuscaloosa office of the USDA, NRCS:

Ms. Donna Lake, District Administrative Coordinator, Tuscaloosa County Soil & Water Conservation District, Mr. Kent McCary, District Conservationist, and Mr. Mickey Barton, Civil Engineering Technician of the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service. With their help and guidance, they made this new farm in the making a working and productive farm that can provide local home grown food to the local community.

Farm tours are available from October through April.  Call ahead to make an appointment. Of course you can visit us at any time here or at our Facebook page to keep up with our activities at the farm. 

 "From our fields to your table"
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Jon & Margaret